LULLABIES AND LADYBUGS - Released June 2003!
(includes 12 original compositions by Glay Marie!)

Just what the doctor ordered to soothe your "little one" - Lively and "Shhhh...." songs and instrumentals sure to keep both Mommy and Baby very happy!
$15.00 - Plus S&H / Tax



("The Ladybug Picnic", a story written by Ms. Posch, comes FREE w/ this CD, as a supplement to #9)

1.Wake Yourself Up!*
2.Choo-Choo, Please Do
3.Mail Myself to You
4.The Marvelous Toy
5.Oh! The Little, Bitty Girl*
6.I Like to Rock with Mommy*
8.Little, Bitty Emily*
9.Ladybug Picnic*
10.The Happy Trumpeter*
11.This is the Day the Lord Has Made*
12.The Star-Spangled Banner
13.Patriotic Medley
14.One Song
15.The Ladybug Chorus
16.Summer Sun(poem)
17.Tell Me a Story*(narrative)
18.To a Wild Rose
19.An Italian Lullaby
20.Watching you Sleep*
21.Simple Joys*
22.Ladybugs and Butterflies*
23.I Like to Rock with Mommy(reprise)
24.I Will Sing a Lullaby
25.Brahms' Lullaby

*Original compositions by Glay Marie

(Total playing time = 49:35)