My TEXAS - Book & CD!

The book and CD are available Now!

The CD begins:

"Howdy! My name is Glay Marie and my friend Charlotte has written a book called My TEXAS. It really is a neat story about my home state and I'd like to read with you. As we read, Calamity the Cow is going to help us out by shaking her bell when it's time to turn a page. - Okay? Are you ready? Let's hop on a train and take a ride around My TEXAS."

This book is designed to help you teach your young reader or preschooler some interesting things about the great state of Texas. In this easy to read and understand narrative, your "little partner" will discover many symbols related to Texas: its shape, its relative size, its flag. In addition, they will also be introduced to some basic historical and nature related facts. Pre-readers will especially enjoy the creative CD! Young readers will build knowledge while learning more about this unique state. And "whipper snappers" of all ages will find MY TEXAS a great souvenir for many years to come.

Happy Trails!

You may purchase this book or find out more information by contacting:

Charlotte Siegmund
1800 Austin Hines
China Spring, TX 76633

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