LONE STAR LULLABY - Original Songs!...by GlayMarie 
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Glay Marie Posch

Familiar and original Texas inspired melodies to help lull your "Tiny Texan" to sleep.
Album comes in a DVD case and includes GlayMarie's "Creative Ideas!" activity booklet.

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1. Giddy Up, My Little Pony!   (click song to hear sample)
2. The Moon and Stars (narrative)
3. Sing Me to Sleep  (click song to hear sample)
4. I Like to Rock with Mommy
5. Sleepy Little Cowboy  (click song to hear sample)
6. Mr. Sun, Don't Go Away
7. Must You Grow Up?
8. Lone Star Lullaby
9. Prairie Song
10. Texas Lullaby Medley
11. Railroad Lullaby
12. The Lonesome Trail Rider
13. Alamo Sunset (Instr/John Posch/guitar)

All except #10 - copyright John and GlayMarie Posch 2004/2003
All arrangements - copyright John and GlayMarie Posch
Total running time: approx. 35:01